1st day 1st thoughts

So today is my first day, with students, at TVMHS (Twin Valley Middle High School). All in all it has been a wonderful experience. The administration is excellent considering the multitude of issues that I alone have bombarded them with. That brings me to the students. They are all weirdly well behaved. Maybe its because its the first day of school and the first day in a new building and the first tie they have met me but still. No problems, at all. I do have one class let so maybe that is where the interesting stuff will happen…

…Ok I spoke too soon. Math I is going to be interesting.

“Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.”



March 1, 2010. The day that started it all. It doesn’t seem that far away until I think about all the things I’ve done and seen, all the people I’ve met. By far the hardest part of this job happens today. Leaving new friends and old, leaving the good times and the bad. Who would have thought answering a Craigslist ad would take me so far. I want to thank everyone that I have come across these past four years both young and old. I can truly say that I have learned something from everyone of you. Thank you. Today I do consider myself lucky, because I’ve been a part  of a wonderful team and done a job that I thought would allow me to change a lot of peoples lives. But really it changed mine the most.

Flight Fuel


If the flight from Raleigh to San Juan is 1430 miles and my flight lasts 5 hr 25 min, what is the average speed the plane is traveling? If during this flight the plane burns 222 gal of fuel, how many miles per gal does the plane get.

Post your answers as a comment below (2 answers).

Linked In


Andy has five sections of chain he can link together to make a bike lock ( a straight chain) chain. Each section has three links, as shown in the picture. If it cost 5 cent to cut open a link and 10 cent to weld it shut, what is the least amount of money it would cost to join the five sections?

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A hungry bookworm is eating its way through an encyclopedia set on a library bookshelf. Each book cover is 1/4 inch thick, and all the pages of one book are 1 inch thick. If the bookworm starts on page 1 of Volume I and eats its way on a straight path to the last page of Volume III, how far will it have traveled?

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Thursday’s Answer:
200 inches.
Why? The turtle and the snail are closing the gap at a combined speed of 5 inches per minute. When they are 100 inches apart, it takes them 20 minutes more to meet (100 in./5 in. per min = 20 min.). The ant, going at a speed of 10 inches per minute, will travel a total of 200 inches.

Friday’s Answer:
2 inches
Why? When books are placed on a shelf, they are turned around with the back binding showing, and page 1 is on the right-hand side. Starting on page 1, volume one, and ending on the last page of volume three, the bookworm will travel through four book covers (1 in. total) and one whole set of pages ( Volume II = 1 in.)

Monday’s Answer:
45 cent
Why? Instead of cutting all of the end links , cut each link in section E so you have three open links. One of these will join A and B, one will join B and C, and the third will join C and D. Weld all three links; that makes three cuts (15 cent) and three welds (30 cent). 45 cent.

Tuesday’s Answer:

Thank You

I want to say a special thank you to each one of you. You all are the reason I do what I do. You inspire me to be a better teacher and your kind words mean so much.

But enough of that mushy stuff. Time for an extra credit puzzle. The first student to post the correct answer as a comment will get an extra credit grade.


They travel directly toward each other, with the turtle going 4 inch per minute and the snail 1 inch per minute. When they’re 100 inches apart, the turtle almost steps on an ant, which scurries away directly towards the snail. Upon reaching the snail, it turns around and races back towards the turtle.
The ant continues going back and forth between the two at a speed of 10 inches per minute. When the turtle and snail meet and squash the poor ant, how many inches will it have run?

Post your answer to this question as a comment. Don’t forget to include your name. Hasta mañana.

Shooting Percentage


Today we will do a short follow up to our basketball shooting on Thursday. I have an example of my shots above. I have also attached a digital copy of your groups shot record below.




Use the hard copy or the digital download to calculate your percentage of 3’s, FT’s, and J’s.


1. Count all of the shots you attempted in each category. Record this number.

2. Count only the shots you made in each category. Record this number.

3. Calculate your percentage by dividing the number you made by the number you attempted

(# made/#attempted) = decimal #

4. Take the decimal number you get (which should be less than 1, if not try again), and multiply it by 100.

(decimal # X 100) = percent%

5. As a bonus you can add up all the values (except percent) and divide to calculate your overall shooting percentage.


Note: LeBron’s Career Numbers (source: http://www.nba.com/playerfile/lebron_james/career_stats.html)

3%    = 34.1%

FT% = 74.7%

FG% = 49.7%

This is LeBron’s career shooting percentages (FG is like our jump shot value, everything except 3’s and FT’s). If your numbers are anywhere close to these then good job, otherwise keep practicing!